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Pricerazzi Flight Deals

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Booking a flight to go on holiday is one of the most exhilarating things you can do. Unfortunately it can also be one of the most expensive, stressful and overwhelming moments, with hundreds of different prices getting thrown around depending on which website you use to do your research.

Very rarely do you get the absolute best price on the first go, and the second you start delving into the endless options available you can very quickly lose hours, or even days trying to secure the ultimate deal.

There are quite a few websites that help make sure you do get the best price on airfares, with the most popular one being Expedia. Expedia has a Best Price Guarantee, which essentially means that if you book a flight from their website, and find a better deal on the same flight anywhere else and send it to them within 24 hours, they will refund you the difference in price AND give you a $50 credit for your next booking. Pretty sweet deal right?

The only issue with this is once you book your flight you then have to spend the next 24 hours trawling the internet for a better deal to make the most out of this offer. And lets be honest, who has the time for that?

Cue Pricerazzi Travel…

Let Pricerazzi Travel Find The Best Deals For You

Pricerazzi Travel is a brand new online platform that searches for better deals online for the flights you have already purchased. They’re not a booking agent, but instead help you make the most of these “Best Price Guarantee” policies.

How it works is that you book the flight you want on Expedia and then email Pricerazzi Travel your confirmed travel itinerary. There is also an email authorisation option that allows Pricerazzi Travel to automatically receive your itinerary.

Then the platform starts searching the internet for better deals on the flights you have booked. If one is found (and based on personal experience, there’s a high chance that one will be found elsewhere if you did deep enough), Pricerazzi Travel will send you a notification about it.

Pricerazzi Flight Deals
Don’t pay more than you have to for flights to paradise!

Once you get the notification with the new travel deal on it you can choose to accept it. At this point you’ll be sent to a one-time payment screen and can pay 15% of the price difference via credit card. Do that and Pricerazzi Travel will then forward the itinerary directly to Expedia. Then you just sit back and Expedia will refund you the difference within a couple of days.

The 15% is a pretty small amount considering you can now focus on other things like finding the best deals on accommodation rather than looking for flights you’ve already purchased.

Pricerazzi Travel also has an app, which allows you to make in-store purchases.

At the moment Pricerazzi Travel only works with Expedia, as they have the most optimum “Best Price Guarantee” policy. But they will be expanding to include other booking agents in the future.

Save Time, Save Money

One thing we should never forget is that time equals money, and most people are busy enough without needing to spend days and days looking for flights. Now all you need to do is head to Expedia, pick your flights, make your booking, send the details to Pricerazzi Travel and let them do the work.

It might cost you 15%, but compare that to 10 hours bouncing from one website to the next (and dealing with the annoying issue of having your cookies saved and getting sent higher prices).

Pricerazzi Travel just launched the other day, so we’ll be testing them out in the near future as soon as we book our next flights. Definitely worth checking out!

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Pricerazzi Flight Deals

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